Month: February 2018


Dr Arvind Kumar Oncology

February 26, 2018

Almighty always supports the one who dares to dream. Here comes the journey of one of the most brilliant soul , Dr. Arvind Kumar who inspired by his parents, put the miseries within and marched ahead with grit and determination to pursue the dream to be a doctor and cure the sick and suffering. Kumar […]

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Dil dhak dhak karne laga? To kya aapka jiya darne laga ??

February 6, 2018

Narendra Kumar Yadav is European Board Certified Cardiac electrophysiologist (ECES) with his doctorate thesis in cardiology on Atrial fibrillation ablation from Maastricht University Medical Centre, Netherlands(ranked among top 50 clinical university of world) . He is also a program chair for a cardiology program. His primary interest lies in atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia ablation and cardiovascular […]

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Interview of Dr. Lal Ratnakar

February 5, 2018

डॉ. लाल रत्नाकर हमारे परिवार के एक ऐसे सदस्य हैं जिन्होंने कला की दुनिया में अपना एक स्थान बनाया है और कई माध्यमों में इन्होंने कला को रुपायित किया है। इन के चित्रों की प्रदर्शनी देश की नामी गिरामी सभी गैलरियों में हो चुकी है और दुनिया के विभिन्न देशों में इनके चित्र संग्रहीत हैं […]

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