Month: April 2018

Poonam Yadav

Poonam Yadav Gold Medalist

April 17, 2018

आज हम बात करने जा रहे है भारत की उस महिला के बारे में जिन्होंने राष्ट्रमंडल खेल में गोल्ड मेडल दिलाकर ना केवल भारत का मान बढ़ाया है बल्कि हमारे Yadav Community में चार चाँद लगा दिया है | पूनम यादव एक वेटलिफ्टर है जिन्होंने 21वे राष्ट्रमंडल खेल में महिला वेटलिफ्टिंग के 69 किलोग्राम वर्ग […]

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Jagdish Yadav

Jagdish Yadav International badminton player

April 10, 2018

Jagdish Yadav is a soft-spoken Shahrukh Khan of the Yadav community. you can see dreams afloat in his eyes but the magical speed of his body movements gives an insight of the fast integration of his mindset with his muscles. A man who choose to fight all adversities for the game we salute him for […]

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income tax updates

Income Tax Updates By- CA ARPIT YADAV

April 3, 2018

MAJOR AMENDMENTS IN INCOME TAX APPLICABLE FOR A.Y. 2018-19 1. Limit for payment of expenses by cash (Both capital and revenue expenditure) reduced from RS. 20,000 to RS. 10,000 per day in aggregate per person. 2. No Person shall receive an amount of two lakh rupees or more, by cash (Sec 269ST). 3. For below […]

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