Aaina is the mirror of all that goes around each one of us, things that capture our imagination and has an iconic value; to be brought to our notice, to our service or into our practice

The content has to be of inspirational value and like the rainbow shall include and comprise all the spheres of life starting from education, employment, Sports, women, culture etc and achievements stories that melt you down and stories that bring you nearer to your own people

I would extoll each one of us to contribute to the richness and vibrancy our Aaina

it intends not only to bring out our glorious past but also the turbulence of the present and the challenges of the future

Aaina is committed to creation of opportunities for the next generation of yadavas
It aims to turn it from a politically relevant community to vibrant economic leaders across the globe

More so it is catalyzed by the most successful and talented crop of individuals of the community

Let’s create bonding and social wealth for our community through Aaina