This is the story of an art enthusiast, one who’s always looking out for cultural festivals happening around. An engineer by education my creative inclination led me to the digital media industry and soon after to the world of entrepreneurship.

We live in the times of injustice of all kinds. Gender inequality, climate change, war, and barbaric crimes; you look at the news and it would seem like the world is coming to an end. While we all complain and debate, some are letting their work do the talking to positively influence mindsets; the creatives. Thus, I decided to build a platform that celebrates those creatives. I believe at the collective level, art has the power to go beyond cultural/language barriers and be a conduit for empathy – which the world is always more in need of.

My project, The Artist Fix, stems from me wanting to provide a bigger platform to the creatives out there. A platform where to story-tell, share and bond through art; for artists to share their musings about art, culture, and everything that connects us as human beings; for amateurs to get informed about the creative opportunities at hand today. The Artist Fix is not just a creative publication but a platform curating events and workshops that promote a creative living. But to me, the importance of this project was always print. There are lots of places you can go online that have a targeted voice for artists and that’s a beautiful thing. But this project is about picking up something tangible, then taking it home and having it by your side, to read the old fashioned way. The romance comes from the love of print, which I believe isn’t dying but diminishing. I believe The Artist Fix is in the very special position of being a print publication for digital folks, as it consists largely of first-person stories, opinion pieces, and interviews with the artists and makers of our time. An independent magazine catering to today’s creative community, it’s a unique magazine for anyone who wants to stay inspired, informed & entertained; it’s about simplifying lives, cultivating a community that understands art, exploring the creative opportunities at hand today & ultimately providing ways to inspire action.

As a slow, thoughtful counterbalance to the fast-paced world, our magazine explores creative ideas through candid writing and human stories. We ask critical questions about how art shapes us and how culture and creativity impact our future. As the name suggests, The Artist Fix fixes the artist within us; it encourages you ‘to find the artist within’. It will encourage you to put down your device, grab a cup of coffee, and step away from the fast-paced world of bits and pixels.

Author-Aarushi Yaduvanshi
Creative Editor, The Artist Fix

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