CA SAKSHI YADAV B.COM (H), MBA, Sakshi Yadav & Co.

I am CA Sakshi Yadav completed my chartered accountancy course in 2018, beside that I am also a post graduate with Masters in business administration with finance as a specialization from Amity University in 2017. I also have completed my graduation with bachelor of commerce from Delhi University in 2014. I am in practice as chartered accountant since 2018 and is the sole proprietor of my firm named Sakshi Yadav & Co. beside that I am also a part time partner in a chartered accountancy firm named Kishore and Kishore based at Daryaganj.
In my family I have my father mother and 2 siblings. My father is the in Private Service. My mother is a housewife caring all of us with her hard work and lots of love. My elder brother is a software engineer and my younger sister is also pursuing Chartered Accountancy course which is about to complete, beside that she is also post graduate with Masters in business administration with finance as a specialization from Amity University.

2. Why you have chosen this field of specialty?
As I want to establish my own identity I wanted to do a course or a something which is unique as well as a status symbol in itself. Since I was from commerce background there is nothing better than Chartered Accountant to obtain or grab what I desired for, that is why I decided to choose CA as my specialty and as my profession as well.

3. What is your professional experience as in your profession?
I have my expertise in taxation and auditing such as Tax audit, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, physical verification, stock audit, and bank audit as well. I am also an expert of concurrent audit as I am also holding the certificate of the same issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
I also hold experience of registration of various entities, and company procedures.

4. What are the unique and different skills you have as in your profession?
CA the supremacy of accounting field. I always feels proud to be part of CA curriculum. After CA your main exam starts. I have two things PATIENCE & DISCIPLINE as my unique and different skill with hard work as an add on.
I do believe in will power, and I also hold a strong will power.

5. Please share your journey of life till now.
My journey till now is full of struggle and hard work. I follow one thing in my life that is first work hard for your goal and after achievement of the same enjoy your success. I took me 3 attempts to clear CA final, and that phase of my life was very hard and painful in spite of all my efforts I failed twice but keeping it aside I tried again as my father always said that “winners never quit and quitters never win”.
After I cleared my CA I chose to practice instead of going for corporate job which is an easy task, people use to say a girl cant establish her own practice in chartered accountancy field that too with a sole proprietorship but once I decided to go for practice I never looked back because I have always believed my own decisions throughout my life.

6. What is your planning about the future?
I am planning to gain a respectable status for me and my firm (Sakshi Yadav & co.) in the market also I want to take my family an international trip.
Want to achieve heights of success and to make my parents proud.

7. Your way of handling emergencies and the workload.
Keeping calm and being patience is the only key to handle workload and stress.

8. What is your routine on a daily basis?
My daily routine can’t be explained in few lines as I have a very hectic schedule daily, besides that schedule I read motivational books like autobiography of Paramhansa Yogananda.

9. Do you have any weakness or strength?
Weakness is my short tempered nature and my strength is that if I have something to be done in my mind I will anyhow complete that. Also as I mentioned above I have a strong will power but it do fails if it comes to food as I love food.

10. What are your achievements till date?
Being a Chartered Accountant is itself a big achievement, apart from that I have become a pillar for my father to support him. Running a sole proprietorship firm that too being a girl is also an achievement which I am doing since last one year.

11. What is your ability to face the challenges both professional and personal?
Patience only, without which you cannot be successful

12. Is this your dream job?
My dream job is to educate underprivileged children. And to start an N.G.O for people in need.

13.As your profession do you have any preferences?
14. What is one of your key message/advice to fellow Yaduvanshis?
Follow your dreams and chase them until you achieve them.

15.Your contact details including email.
Mobile no. – 9711084132
Email –

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