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dengue fever

Dear Reader, to take the tradition of writing in AAINA on burning issues forward, it is proposed to write a smaller article on Dengue as this fever is one of the most dangerous fever. To prevent this first and foremost is to have the necessary knowledge and information about the dengue so that we can protect ourselves.
KFA had a conversation with Dr Dinesh Yadav regarding the Dengue fever and he advised a lot of preventative issues, symptoms and remedial ways on Dengue fever.
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☛   What is dengue?
dengue is a viral illness caused by for viruses dengue 1,2,3 & 4.

☛   How this disease(dengue) is transmitted?
The disease is transmitted by the bite of a daytime mosquito that is an Ades aegyptia the mosquito breeds in clear clean water generally in overhead water tanks, flower pots, unused Tyres, cups and freshwater bodies.

☛   What are the Symptoms of the Dengue?
The disease is characterized by high-grade fever, body ache, headache, pain behind the eyes, vomiting, pain abdomen and a rash which is all over the body.

☛   How to do the treatments of dengue at home?
Most of the patients can be treated at home with the judicious use of Paracetamol either in tablet form or syrup and a lot of fruits including oral rehydration solutions and fresh juices
In case the patients develop any of the warning signs he should be admitted in a hospital
the usual warning signs are incessant vomiting bleeding fall in the platelet count severe pain abdomen etc.

☛   What is Severe dengue?
Severe dengue is characterized by shock and fall in blood pressure. it could also involve multiple organs of the body including the brain respiratory system the liver and the Kidneys. The patient needs to be admitted in the Intensive Care Unit for management and treatment of severe dengue.

☛   How to do the protection from dengue?
Protection from dengue is very simple and needs certain small intelligent manoeuvres including cleanliness all around the home not allowing water to collect in unused articles, tyres, covering up overhead water tanks . also is necessary its use of mosquito nets and full clothing so as to prevent against mosquito bite.

Fogging is also one of the temporising measures towards reducing the mosquito counts and preventing the spread of dengue.

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