Jagdish Yadav International badminton player

Jagdish Yadav

Jagdish Yadav is a soft-spoken Shahrukh Khan of the Yadav community.

you can see dreams afloat in his eyes but the magical speed of his body movements gives an insight of the fast integration of his mindset with his muscles.

A man who choose to fight all adversities for the game we salute him for his perseverance and choices.

The community should stand up and give him a big clap for all what he stood for and has achieved for himself and did a big proud to the community.

We Reassure you of all the help that you may need in your future endeavor for the upliftment of the game.

Greetings for the Day.

I am Jagadish Yadav, an International badminton player.

I am an engineering graduate, have completed my post graduate diploma in Automobile technology. Have also completed my MBA in Human resources.

Badminton was my all time passion.  I started off my sports career with cricket. Played cricket until the age of 16 years. However switched to badminton later at the age of 17 years as I developed a lot of interest and was very passionate about playing the sport. 

I started off my career in 2001 with badminton by playing outdoor tournaments, which paved my career into indoor badminton. However, lacked financial support and also support from my own family which was a big obstacle to my professional career.

How it All Happened

I was first playing at neighborhood Outdoor was winning all outdoor tournaments at some point Senior Coach of karnataka Mr. Ramakrishna sir saw my potential and took me Karnataka badminton association in 2003 and from here my Journey of professional badminton took a shape ,later I tried to join prakash Padukone badminton academy but I couldn’t get in even though I was performing well than their players ,later I managed to play with Mr. Vinod Kumar for few months as Badminton professional coaching would cost 25,000rs per month which I couldn’t offer myself ,so I managed to Coach few kids to fund myself then joined DYES under coach & Guru .

Education, Work & Sports

I had Opted for Commerce in PUC to pursue professional badminton but Parents made me take up science which made my Path to achieve in Sport more tougher in 2001 ,I managed to pursue both for 2yrs and secured 71% in PUC ( PCMB) later I got Free Seat in Dr. Ambedkar Institute of technology in Mechanical branch in 2003 . I used to travel 68km daily from home to college by bus later to practice as my day was starting from 5 am ending at 10 pm for 4 yrs which are like impossible when sometimes I look back at the amount of travel I used to do with education and 6hours of practice daily.

At the Campus placements, 2007 I had Selected for a Wipro company had to attend a Final round of selections but I decided I would give more time Professional badminton so quit that Selections and pursued PGD automobile & MBA in distance.

Later after BE, I selected in Indian Railways 2009 under sports Quota as Ticket examiner which is a Commercial department but they had not considered my degree BE,
Few years Everything was going well but later new higher officer came into charge let us work in Night shift, Early morning, etc which hampered my Practice timings and Performance at this point of time I had tried to Change from Commercial department to Engineering department in railways to get Junior Engineer post or section engineer post but I didn’t get through as I was lacking Directions ,
I worked 4.5yrs in railways in which I won 3 Gold medal and 1 silver medal in All India railway meets, I also awarded Prestigious GM award by South Western railways.

As my Practice timings was disturbing in railways I thought of quitting job and give full time for badminton for but I couldn’t as if I leave source of income to get going my game would be difficult, at this point of time I got a Selection order from Income tax as tax Assistant I joined the department in 2013 later is worse situation than railways after 2 years of service as every now and then Officers will be transferred here I had to educate and convince them and go for practice which became a very serious problem for me , I secured Gold medal in Feb 2017 at Jamaica open International championship but I had no promotion as Central Govt DOPT says only medals at Olympics and common wealth are eligible for Promotion which is again disappointment thing ,

During my tenure with Income tax, as part of Annual general transfers, I have been transferred from DGIT (inv) Cr building to Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range -2(2), KORMANGALA which is very far from my practice stadium.

Problems faced from the day I joined 

1. There are no proper guidelines to allow us to Go for full-time practice for Active performing sportsman like me so we should compulsorily go work and again we can go to practice only if officer agree on that particular day.

2. I have been transferred 4 times in 4years  to different offices in every annual general transfer.

3.To overcome many such problems faced in daily basis I decided to go on Leave without pay for 2 years (Extraordinary leave ) even though am financially not strong enough just to achieve my dream to seeing our Country flag fly high in Olympics 2020 .to qualify in Olympics I I have to give 100% quality time for at least next 2 years

I sensed my Progress game and decided to Quit the job whereas I managed to Apply for leave without pay for 1 year so that I can give full time to Badminton,

I was able to participate in 5 International Tournaments at my own cost as I was not getting any support from the department, not from SAI, as I was not their official team
To get Olympic birth a player must play 12international tournament to get Good points and ranking within 25 in the world, whereas I was able to achieve my highest ranking of 94 by just playing 5 International Tournaments on my own cost by taking personal loans & etc
Later after getting leave without pay, I gave full time to my game for 5 months and I achieved 5 International medals in 5 tournament

Some of my best achievements include;

In March 2017 I won Gold Medal at BWF(Badminton World Federation)  recognized
>Jamaica Open International Badminton Championship at Kingston
>Gold medallist in Botswana International championship 2017
>Bronze medallist in South Africa International championship 2017
>Bronze medallist in Sweden open 2018
>Bronze medallist in Iceland open 2018
> My Best World Ranking is #94 and currently ranked # 109 On March 31st, 2018
>Participated in World’s prestigious  All England Badminton Championship 2015 at the UK.
Have also participated in various International and national ranking tournaments

Achievement in Coaching

Though I started Coaching kids Nd juniors to fund myself in 2011, I was able to nurture the young talent and produced Many 3 State and 2 National Level players
I started My own Academy in Bangalore in 2014 which running successfully under my guidelines looking forward to producing more talents, as my Academy is operating in 3 places around Bangalore in My Name Surname Yadav Prasad Badminton Academy & Skyfinch Sports Center.

 I have also attached my recent Article in prominent Kannada newspaper Prajavani and it’s translation goes like this.

My Prajavani Kannada newspaper Article:

Even though getting a late start for his badminton career it dint deter Jagdish Yadav to reach the top seed in the state Singles circuit and is presently dominating the doubles circuit. For someone who was into cricket during his early college days later developed a passion for badminton. Putting down a job offer from Wipro after his Engineering graduation Jagdish took up badminton as a profession. Jagdish who resides in K.r Puram was in railways team earlier and later got his footing in the income tax team . Jagdish Yadav who started of at 165th place at world stage ranking reached his career best of 94th ranking in 2015  which was his career best at the world stage.

In an interview, Jagdish Yadav stated ” getting sponsored is only possible only if ur in top 50 at world stage or else you ‘ll have to take care of your own expenses. It’s an uphill task playing international tournaments as it ‘ll cost you up to 30lakhs which include all your traveling and practice. There is no coach for doubles players in particular. We end up practicing with senior players and improve our skills. We are made to play singles first than opt for doubles which are not fair. One should always be given prominence for doubles at the very start if an individual is into doubles category. The prominence given to singles is not given to doubles ” says Jagdish Yadav. Just like any other aspiring badminton player in the world, even Jagdish dreams to make it to finest tournaments in the world such as Olympics and the All England tournament. He has made it to all England qualifiers which are not everyone in the world gets to brag abt and says it was the proudest moment in his badminton life. ( Trust me the best in the world participate there ) .    
Here are Jagdish Yadav’ s memorable and notable achievements                  
1. 2011,2012,2013- all India senior   National Championship  
2. 2015 – all India senior ranking bronze medalist.
3. 2017 – Jamaica international open gold  
4.2017 – all India senior ranking bronze held in davangere, being some of his recent achievement.

Jagadish Yadav 
Tax Assistant 
Office of Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Range 2(2), Bangalore 
Email Id: jaggy.yadav@gmail.com
Mobile number:+91-9844613174

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