Dr. Vikash Yadav Assistant Professor

Dr. Vikash Yadav is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad. He belongs to Kanpur Nagar district. His father Sh. Pratap Singh Yadav & Elder brother Sh. Prakash Yadav, by profession, is Lawyer in Kanpur Nagar Court. His mother is a house wife.

2. Why you have chosen this field of specialty?
I completed my B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering in year 2009, at that time the computer/software industry were facing a huge recession and that time there were no jobs for the fresher’s. Then I joined an engineering college as a lecturer. While working as a lecturer over there, I started realizing the role of teachers in the nation-building particularly by ensuring natural justice and equity as per merit amongst every section of the large community of students, which generate my interest towards teaching field.
3. What is your professional experience as in your profession?
As stated above, I started my career as Lecturer in Computer Science & Engineering at J. S. Institute of Management & Technology, Shikohabad in July 2009 & worked till 2011. In 2013 I worked in Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Engineering College of Information Technology (Presently Rajkiya Engineering College), Bijnor which that time was running in HBTI Kanpur campus as a guest lecturer & worked for one year. After that I joined Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (Now Harcourt Butler Technical University) Kanpur as a Teacher Fellow (Research Scholar). After completion of my Ph.D work in year 2017, I worked as a guest lecturer in the department of Computer Science & Engineering, HBTU Kanpur & serve for one year till May 2018. Currently I am working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad Since June 2018.
4. Please share your journey of life till now.
I belong from Kanpur Nagar where I did my primary education. High School from Prakash Vidya Mandir, Dabauli, Kanpur & Intermediate from Nand Lal Khanna Inter College, Vishnupuri Kanpur subsequently in year 2002 & 2004. Then I got admission in B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering stream at Dr. AITH Kanpur in 2005 and completed the degree in 2009. I did my M.Tech. (Software Engineering) degree from MNNIT Allahabad in 2013 and Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (Formerly U. P. Technical University), Lucknow in 2017. For the last about 8 years (since 2009), I am serving in the area of Computer Science & Engineering with my full capacity.
5. What is your planning about the future?
I would like to work with postgraduate and doctoral students, more involvement in research and working on new research areas aimed at enhanced learning of UG students.
6.Your way of handling emergencies and the workload:
I am a person of a cool head having patience and positive thinking. I follow my inner conscious and act with a rational mindset. This gives me enough courage and capability to handle emergencies and the workload.
7. What is your routine on a daily basis?
On a working day I get up at 6:00 AM in the morning and after completing the mandatory routine work I do preparations for my daily engagements. I take breakfast at about 8:00 AM and leave for the office. I come back home in the evening at around 5.00 PM, have some rest. At about 8:00 PM, I have dinner & then work on my academics & used to prepare my next day lectures and finally go to bed at around 12:00 PM. On holidays, I usually getup late in the morning and complete the pending works.
8. Do you have any weakness or strength?
I have strengths like sincerity, hard work and punctuality. Sometimes these of my strengths became my weakness too when I expect the same things from my fellow colleagues & they let me down.
9. What are your achievements till date?
Since it is still early days in my career, I completed my Doctorate degree at the age of 30 & since then published around 30 research papers in various International/National journals & conference proceedings & guided various B.Tech/MCA theses. I also serve as a Member of the Editorial Board in one International Journal & Reviewer of various SCI/SCOPUS International journals & conferences. I have been a Life Member of the International Association of Engineers (IAENG) & Computer Society of India (CSI).
10. What is your ability to face the challenges both professional and personal?
I understand the challenge, analyze possible implications, don’t hesitate to take advice from trusted ones and take appropriate decisions on your own.
11. Is this your dream job?
I always willing to meet new people, sharing ideas & learn new things from anyone. Teaching gives me the platform to do the same where I can share my knowledge & also have the new ideas of young ones. So Yes this is my dream job.
12. As your profession does you have any preferences?
Yes, My preference is to help & spent more time with more academically needy students & bring them in the main stream. On the same time also enjoying the work. I always make sure that no one should get harmed by me in any circumstances.
13. What is one of your key message/advice to fellow Yaduvanshis?
Though these are the early days in my career, my message to fellow Yaduvanshis and others concerned is to always stay connected & help each other as much as you can. Your small help can make anyone’s career.
14. Your contact details including email.

Dr. Vikash Yadav
H. No. - 2/465 Nawabganj Kanpur Nagar
U.P- 208002
Email: vikas.yadav.cs@gmail.com
Mobile: 9369050289

22 thoughts on “Dr. Vikash Yadav

  1. A great person with a kind soul. Dr. Vikas is a perfect blend of a teacher, a mentor and a friend. One can learn a lot from him. He is a great source of inspiration who is always ready to help his students.

  2. I met Vikas sir in HBTI Kanpur in my first year. He took lectures of C, which was a compulsory course to be delivered to every branch. That was the only formal interaction I had with sir, but even then we still share some kind of bond. By this I mean, he is not only a teacher but a person who stand behind you in every gray and bright day of your life, all you need is to put faith in him.
    I have never ever seen a lecturer like Vikas sir, he develops a kind of emotional connect with his students and keeps that bond intact even if distances are there.
    As far as academic arena is concerned I personally believe, he has a good stronghold on his subject matter and contains the ability to make it reach in minds of every sincere guy taking his lectures.
    None the less, since I am too young to judge a personality who knows the things and this world better then me, I will strongly make out a point that Vikas sir is good at heart and a good human, who is really an asset to people like me.
    Thank you Sir!

  3. He is the person, that don’t need an explanation. Vikash sir is best teacher ever and ever in my life. He is an inspiration for me.
    Thank you sir.

  4. डॉ विकास एक शिक्षक, एक संरक्षक और एक दोस्त का एक आदर्श मिश्रण है। कोई भी छात्र प्रोफ़ेसर कभी भी बिना हिचक के डॉ साहब से मिल कर अपनी रिसर्च और शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में मदद ले सकते है। वह प्रेरणा का एक बड़ा स्रोत है जो अपने छात्रों की मदद के लिए हमेशा तैयार रहता है।
    मैं दृढ़ता से कहूंगा कि विकास सर दिल से अच्छे हैं और एक अच्छे इंसान हैं, जो वास्तव में मेरे जैसे लोगों के लिए एक संपत्ति है। विकास सर ने हमेशा मुझे एक छोटे भाई की तरह मेरा हमेशा मार्ग दर्शन किया है।
    शुक्रिया डॉ साहब।।

  5. Prof. Vikas is a faculty having blend of knowledge and experience of his field. Thought came in my mind for you sir is “The great teacher is not the man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.” Thank you sir.

  6. You can not find as much supportive teacher like vikas sir. You can share any problem with him and find best solution.

  7. It’s Good to read here how you see society and what are your prospect towards life. Your words reflects kind of soul you have. Keep it up Sir.

  8. I met Vikash sir in HBTI . He is a wonderful and kind human being. He is a kind of a person who is always there to help you whenever you need him .You were not just my colleague at work but also my best friend. I appreciate your time, support, and cooperation.

    Apart from this social etiquette he is a good teacher and motivator. Who always motivate students and as well as their colleagues.

    Thank you for guiding and helping me.

    Wish you a good luck for your future.

  9. Vikash sir taught us Data Structures in college days. His teaching style was unique and interesting. He’s one of the gem of CSE department of HBTI Kanpur. Our juniors and CSE dept. is definitely going to miss him. He is always helpful in helping colleagues,students. He has been a great mentor and his mentorship skills are excellent. Always kept motivating for moving forward. Such a calm and cool personality is rare to find in today’s era.

  10. Supporting, promoting, enthusiastic, energetic, cooperative, friendly behaviour,, these are some minor words minor regarding to a splendid personality of Dr Vikas Yadav. Most beloved professor in campus, a good friend in colleagues, most passionate person in family, what extra you can expect from a guy? 🙂
    I used to be his colleague. But he always treated as his younger brother. He was one of the best guide not only to student but also his colleagues.
    His approach is always optimistic with a great smile he always maintain even in hard situation.
    I’m proud to have this kind of personality in my known list for life long.
    I’ll always admire him.

    Zaheer Abbas Siddiqui
    Scientist, Ministry of Home Affairs

  11. Vikash Sir is my bestest Teacher among all, he is not only a teacher but a person who stand behind us in every gray and bright day of our LiFe.
    His way of explaining topics is superb we easily understand complex se complex topics in simple way.
    Atlast be healthy Keep smiling Keep rocking Sir you are superb .
    Thank You so much Sir for your all Guidance and support 😊🙏

  12. You are that person, because of which I deserve something in this world.Otherwise I was nothing,Your soul is very faith , whatever it is for every human being, you should help everyone and do it.I am very clear of you , you have tried and helped all.There are few people who get such a teacher as you, And I’m very lucky that you meet me.
    Thanku sir …..aap na hote to mera kya hota😊😊

  13. Vikas Sir taught us Cyber Security and he is also our Club Counselor. He has a special talent of spreading knowledge among students not as a teacher, but as a friend.

  14. I did my Bachelor’s degree from HBTI Kanpur.
    Dr. Vikas was one of the best teachers I came across during my engineering days. The ease with which he use to make us understand concepts of data structures was one of his many qualities. He was also very friendly and approachable. Thank you sir! And nice to see again

  15. Dr. Vikash is a kind human being and best motivator. He is also a good friend as people want in their life.
    I know him very well, he is a great source of inspiration that always ready to help you as a brother whenever you need him, whether it is academically related or not. He is an ideal mix of a mentor and a good friend that always ready to guide their students and friends.

  16. Dr. Vikas was one of the best teacher and his way of explaining topics is awesome. and also very polite in nature.

  17. I did my Master degree from MNNIT Allahabad and pursuing Ph.D also from the same.
    Dr. Vikash Yadav is a good kind of person with hard worker, good patience, and with helping nature, professionally and socially. God bless him and congrats to all achievements.

  18. Dr. Vikas is always willing to mentor younger researchers and teachers in the same profession.
    Always willing to offer expert advice to younger colleagues.
    Always willing to come down to the level of the students in order to influence them positively in the aspect of teaching and research

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